Love your bare feet with Keyflex: Cosmetic natural-looking toenails

Summer is coming and we all know what that means: Sunshine, ice-cold drinks, lazy days at the beach, playing at the park, and of course, bare feet and jandals!

But for those of us who have damaged nails, it can be hard to embrace that urge to get outside. The knowledge that someone might see your disfigured, traumatized nails can be embarrassing and even stops you from enjoying the activities you love.

This summer, instead of covering your toenails with a band-aid or by wearing heavy shoes we recommend trying KeryFlex, a cosmetic solution to your unsightly, disfigured nails.

KeryFlex is a podiatrist-approved, semi-permanent solution which allows for a natural-looking toenail to be formed on top of your toenail. Moulded and shaped to your toe to ensure a natural fit, this water-resistant, resin-based solution will allow for you to fully embrace a carefree summer.

Keryflex provides immediate results that are truly impressive. You really cannot tell a cosmetic toenail has been applied. This gives patients a spring in their step and you can see the relief on their face after an application. Getting Keryflex nails is an easy, painless process and can be done right here within the Merivale Podiatry clinic in one appointment.

Unlike acrylic nails, Keryflex nails are flexible and move with your toe and foot. This means you can enjoy running, jumping, swimming or any other summer activity you love without having to worry about the state of your feet.  

The confidence of a well secure, flexible KeryFlex nail presents so many opportunities this summer—you can even wear nail polish! Enjoy your carefree summer this year and give Keryflex a go.

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