Merivale Podiatry Cosmetic Nail Restoration

Cosmetic Nail Restoration & Foot Fungal Infection Treatments

As podiatry health service specialists, we are experts in Cosmetic Nail Restoration and Remodelling. We love transforming damaged toenails into beautiful, natural-looking nails and seeing our customers walk out the door with renewed confidence.

Our Podiatrists use KeryFlex, a cosmetic solution to damaged nails that enables us to remodel toenails affected by fungus, defects and trauma. This involves a painless, in-clinic application of a flexible, durable, non-porous resin that allows your remaining nail to grow and heal.

Why do we use KeryFlex Toenail Restoration Products?

  • KeryFlex nail restoration system provides immediate results, enabling you to walk away from your appointment with natural-looking nails
  • KeryFlex works with most anti-fungal treatments
  • KeryFlex nails are flexible, meaning they bend and move with your foot’s movement (unlike acrylic nails, which are rigid)
  • KeryFlex nails are compatible with human tissue and will not cause irritation or further damage to your nail or skin
  • KeryFlex nails allow your toenail to grow out underneath them naturally
  • KeryFlex nails are non-porous, meaning that moisture cannot get between them and your damaged toenail
  • KeryFlex nails are unaffected by detergents, soaps, and nail polishes

What happens during a consultation?
To begin with, we’ll assess the nature of your toenail’s damage, listen to your problem and ask any relevant questions. We’ll develop a treatment plan, prepare your nail, and then apply the resin, which is cured using specialist lighting equipment to bond the KeryFlex nail to your nail. This usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes. You’ll walk out with a beautiful new nail.

Does KeryFlex treat the underlying problem?
No. KeryFlex provides an immediate natural-looking nail that sits on top of your affected nail. The purpose of this treatment is to give you an aesthetically pleasing nail to boost confidence without providing further damage, and in some cases can improve the condition of your underlying nail.

    There’s no need to hide your damaged or unsightly toenails. Come and see one of our expert podiatrists and hit the beach with confidence. 

    Looking for the best-damaged nail bed treatment in Christchurch? Look no further than Merivale Podiatry!

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