Dance Podiatry

Ballet, hip hop, Irish, Scottish highland: We want to help dancers achieve their dreams.

Dancing places pressure on the feet and lower limbs. It requires a great amount of flexibility and strength and a wide joint range of motion. In order to push their bodies in these ways and stay healthy, dancers need to take care of their feet and lower limbs.

Merivale Podiatry specialises in Dance Podiatry. Our podiatrists have a complex understanding of dance and can effectively diagnose, treat and manage dance related injuries. We will work with your dance teacher and parents and develop treatment plans with your specific dance genre in mind.

We don’t want to simply help when you are hurt. Best practice podiatry is about preventing injuries by giving your feet the support they need. Having completed the Silver Standard Juon Pointe Shoe Fitting System, Georgina Barr (our Dance Podiatry specialist) is certified to fit dance shoes, including pointe and demi-pointe. She also performs biomechanical assessments to determine a dancer’s readiness for pointe. She’ll examine your dancing (via video or attending a dance recital) and provide podiatric recommendations and helpful exercises.

If you are unable to attend our clinic in Merivale, Christchurch, we offer an initial M-E-Health consultation using our Telehealth platform. Depending on your needs, your follow up consultations will continue over video conferencing or we will schedule an in-person appointment.

What should I bring to my dance consultation?

Please come dressed in your dance gear if possible (or shorts and t-shirt) and wear convertible tights. You’ll need to bring your dance shoes and accessories, including ouch pouches and toe spacers. If you can bring a video of you dancing, please do, especially if you have footage of the move that is causing you pain.

Early intervention of dance injuries and the development of genre-specific injury prevention plans can have long last benefits for dancers. Give your feet the TLC they deserve and come and see our specialist dance podiatrist, Georgina.

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