Merivale Podiatry TelehealthWith our Telehealth appointments, you can talk to a podiatrist from anywhere in the world.

Maybe you live in the countryside. You might be on holiday or working remotely. Perhaps you can’t spare the time to drive to our clinic or your medical condition makes travel difficult. We get it! With telehealth (secure video conferencing), you can get the diagnosis and treatment you need from the comfort of your own home.  

What is a Telehealth appointment?

An online video conferencing session with an expert podiatrist who will diagnose, treat, and help manage foot and lower limb issues. A standard Telehealth appointment lasts 30 minutes.

What can be treated online?

There are lots of conditions we can help with online, including:

How does online treatment work?

Our online appointments are run in the same way as in-person ones. We will assess and diagnose your condition, discuss the potential causes of an injury and your medical history, and determine the best treatments to move forward. This could include structured movement and exercise programs, at-home care and treatment techniques, and more. While hands on treatments have their benefits, they are usually most helpful for short-term pain management. 

What is the Telehealth appointment process?

It’s easy. Start by booking an appointment online or call us on 03 355 9481.

The day before your appointment, we’ll send you an email with a link to the online video conferencing session and all the information you’ll need to prepare.

You’ll attend your appointment, discussing your symptoms and goals with your podiatrist, and make a plan for recovery or achieving your goals. Any products required to treat your condition can be bought and mailed to you through our online store. Easy!

Please note that our standard Telehealth appointments are up to 30 minutes long. If you think you’ll need more time, please call us.

Take charge of your foot health with a quick, easy Telehealth appointment. Don’t let time, distance or pain get in the way.

We look forward to working with you, wherever you call home.


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