Diabetes Assessments and Foot Care

Whether you’re a newly diagnosed diabetic or you’ve had diabetes for a long time, taking care of your feet is essential. Most foot-related complications from diabetes can be prevented, and regular review and assessment ensures that symptoms are detected early and proactive treatment is provided.

Yearly Check-Ups
Think of this like a WOF for your feet. We recommend you see a podiatrist every 12 months for a foot health check. We'll perform relevant tests to give you and your GP insight into your overall foot health. This will tell us if diabetes is affecting your feet and allow early detection of any issues. If there are issues, we’ll treat the issues and let you know if you’ll need to come back and see us again.

Footwear Advice
Diabetes can affect the feet in particular ways, so wearing the correct footwear is important. Our podiatrists know feet the best and can work with you to ensure you’re wearing footwear that works for you.
We want you to feel confident that your feet are healthy and happy. We want to diagnose and treat any diabetes-related issues early. So, come see one of our expert podiatrists and take charge of your foot health.

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