SPIRULARIN®NS – Fungal Nail Serum

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Natural care & regeneration of damaged/fungal nails

  • Clinically proven, naturally active antifungal & antibacterial protection of Spiralin®+ silver molecule

  • Water-based formulation – penetrates to the nailbed, to target fungi & bacteria at the source

  • 100% natural, nail-nourishing ingredients – restore protection barrier & reduce risk of reinfection

  • Simple & economical application – no filing, just ONE drop between all 10 nails, 2x daily


Self care for the feet can seem intimidating and is often forgotten about. Our team of experienced podiatrists highly recommend Spirularin NS Fungal Nail Serum as a simple and effective solution for damaged or fungal nails.

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Why is my toenail growing thick and discoloured?

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