The Ingrown Toenail Clinic

Merivale Podiatry is home to The Ingrown Toenail Clinic, the only clinic in Christchurch dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of ingrown toenails.

Our podiatrists are passionate about providing best-practise solutions, both surgical and non-surgical, to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. We’ve been treating ingrown toenails for over 10 years, working with patients to ensure their ingrown toenails don’t come back.

What is an ingrown toenail?
An ingrown toenail occurs when some of your toenail turns downwards and presses into your skin. This irritates the skin, often causing redness, swelling and warmth in the toe. You may experience pressure and eventually pain, especially when wearing enclosed shoes as these can apply pressure to your toenail. If an infection develops, the pain can become unbearable. Ingrown toenails are relatively common and can affect people of any age.

Treatment Options

We offer surgical and non-surgical treatments. Your podiatrist will examine your ingrown toenail(s) and recommend the best solution for you.

In chronic or recurring cases, your podiatrist may need to perform a Partial Nail Ablation, a minor surgery to reshape your nail edge. Medical research shows this to be the most reliable approach for treating ingrown toenails, reducing the risk of a recurring ingrown toenail significantly. This surgery is safe, simple and can be performed at our clinic. If you need surgery, your podiatrist will talk the procedure through with you, making sure you understand everything needed for your post-operative foot care. Read more

In minor cases, treatment can be as simple as a specific cutting of the nail and/or providing appropriate medication. This can be done during a regular consultation with us. Read more

Ingrown toenails can be painful, embarrassing, and affect your quality of life. If you have an ingrown toenail, don’t let it get in the way - come see our specialists at The Ingrown Toenail Clinic. 

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