Achilles Pain – Product Pack

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  • Self-adhesive Heel Raise 8mm (x2)
  • Allcare Band Red (Medium Resistance) 
  • Strapping Tape Beige 5x50mm 


Discover Relief and Support for Achilles Pain

Achilles pain can be a challenging and uncomfortable condition to deal with, affecting your mobility and overall well-being. We understand the importance of finding relief and support, which is why we've curated our Achilles Pain Product Pack. This pack includes specially selected products to help alleviate your discomfort and get you back on your feet.

1. Self-Adhesive Heel Raise 8mm: Targeted Support for Achilles Tendons

Our Self-Adhesive Heel Raise offers targeted support and cushioning for your Achilles' tendons. The 8mm raise provides a gentle lift, relieving strain and reducing tension on the affected area. Its self-adhesive design ensures easy application and a secure fit inside your footwear, offering you comfort throughout the day. Please select the size you require

2. Allcare Band: Gentle Compression and Stability

The Allcare Band is a crucial component in our Achilles Pain Product Pack. With its gentle compression, it supports the Achilles tendon and surrounding areas, promoting better stability and reducing inflammation. Wear it during activities or even during rest to experience the benefits of enhanced comfort and support.

3. Strapping Tape: Customisable Support and Protection

Our Strapping Tape is a versatile addition to the pack. It allows you to customize the level of support and protection you need for your Achilles tendon. Simply apply the tape as directed to provide targeted reinforcement, reducing stress on the tendon and facilitating healing.

Experience Comfort and Mobility Today!

Our Achilles Pain Product Pack is designed to give you the support and relief you deserve. Whether you're an athlete or simply seeking to overcome daily discomfort, these products work harmoniously to ease your Achilles pain and enhance your mobility.


  • If your Achilles pain persists or worsens, consult a healthcare professional.
  • Follow the usage instructions provided with each product for optimal results.
  • This product pack is for external use only and should be kept out of reach of children.

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