Corn and Callus – Product Pack

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  • Fresco Felt Adhesive Horseshoe Corn Pad (9 Strip)
  • Fixtoe (One Size -Universal)
  • Gehwol Callus Cream 75ml


Step Towards Comfort and Relief

Dealing with corns and calluses can be a painful and bothersome experience, impacting your every step. We understand the need for effective care, which is why we've curated our Corn and Callus Treatment Pack. This pack combines powerful products to help alleviate your discomfort and provide the care your feet deserve.

1. Fresco Felt Adhesive Horseshoe Corn Pad: Targeted Relief for Corns

Our Fresco Felt Adhesive Horseshoe Corn Pad provides targeted relief for corns. Its horseshoe shape wraps comfortably around the corn, reducing pressure and friction. The adhesive backing ensures it stays securely in place, providing you with comfort during every step.


2. Fixtoe: Toe Straightening and Alignment

Fixtoe is your solution for toe straightening and alignment. Its gentle design helps correct the position of toes affected by corns and calluses, reducing pressure and promoting comfort. Embrace the freedom of movement as Fixtoe supports your toes throughout your day.

3. Gehwol Callus Cream: Nourishing Care for Callused Skin

Gehwol Callus Cream is your ultimate care for callused skin. Its rich formula gently softens and reduces calluses, promoting smoother and healthier skin. Regular use of this cream helps prevent further callus formation, keeping your feet feeling soft and supple.

Our Corn and Callus Treatment Pack is thoughtfully curated to provide you with the care and relief your feet deserve. These products work harmoniously to bring comfort and alleviate discomfort caused by corns and calluses.


  • Follow the usage instructions provided with each product for optimal results.
  • This product pack is for external use only and should be kept out of reach of children.
  • For severe corns or calluses, consult a healthcare professional for personalised advice and treatment options.

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