Outdoor Active – Product Pack

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  • Hikers Wool Midi Pack
  • Gehwol Callus Cream 75ml 
  • Engo Blister Patches 6-Pack
  • Dr Comfort Socks Extra Roomy Black 
  • Silipos Gel Strap (Universal)
  • Gehwol Fusskraft Mint 75ml


Embrace the Great Outdoors with Confidence

Are you a passionate adventurer, seeking to conquer new trails and embrace the great outdoors? We've got you covered with our specially curated Outdoor Active Product Pack. This pack is your ultimate companion for every adventure, ensuring you stay comfortable, protected, and ready for any challenge that comes your way.

1. Hikers Wool Midi Pack: Natural Comfort for Feet on the Move

Our Hikers Wool Midi Pack is a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts. Crafted from premium New Zealand wool, these natural fibres provide unbeatable comfort and cushioning for your feet during those long hikes. Say goodbye to blisters and discomfort as you conquer new terrains with ease.

2. Gehwol Callus Cream: Smooth and Callus-Free Feet

Gehwol Callus Cream is your secret weapon for callus-free feet. Its unique formula gently softens and reduces calluses, promoting smoother and healthier skin. Prepare your feet for adventure without worrying about painful calluses slowing you down.

3. Engo Blister Patches: Shield Your Feet from Blisters

Say goodbye to blister woes with Engo Blister Patches. These innovative patches create a friction-free barrier between your feet and shoes, preventing blisters from forming even during the most challenging hikes. Keep your focus on the journey ahead, not on painful blisters.

4. Dr Comfort Socks: The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Support

Our Dr Comfort Socks are designed for the active individual seeking comfort and support. With their premium quality and perfect fit, these socks offer exceptional cushioning and prevent rubbing or irritation. Keep your feet happy and energized throughout your adventures. Please select which size you require.

5. Silipos Gel Strap (Universal): Versatile Protection for Sensitive Areas

The Silipos Gel Strap is your versatile companion for protecting sensitive areas on your feet. Its medical-grade gel offers superior cushioning and protection against friction and pressure, ensuring you stay comfortable on any trail.

6. Gehwol Fusskraft Mint: Revitalize and Refresh

After an exhilarating day outdoors, treat your feet to the rejuvenating Gehwol Fusskraft Mint cream. Infused with cooling mint extracts, this cream revitalizes tired feet and promotes circulation, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for your next adventure.

Step into Adventure with Our Outdoor Active Product Pack!

Our Outdoor Active Product Pack is your ultimate solution for conquering new horizons with comfort and confidence. Whether you're hiking, trekking, or exploring, these products work harmoniously to keep you at your best throughout every outdoor pursuit.


  • Follow the usage instructions provided with each product for optimal results.
  • This product pack is for external use only and should be kept out of reach of children.

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