Our visit to Ganley Orthotics and what we learnt.

Merivale Podiatry is a clinic of action. Podiatrists Sophie Walls and Georgina Barr found that they were having many discussions about how to enhance their customised orthotic prescription; so it seemed logical to visit Ganley Orthotics. Each armed with general materials and patient-specific condition questions, Sophie and Georgina flew up to Auckland to meet with the Ganley team of Tim, Ryan and Paula and their technicians.

Ganley Orthotics are industry leaders in New Zealand orthotics, using CAD design, CNC milling, and 3D laser foot scanning to ensure quality, effective and professional orthotics are designed and created.

Through meeting with the Ganley team, Sophie and Georgina gained a deeper understanding of the material moulding and construction process for a custom orthotic device. At Ganley Orthotics, the devices are designed by experienced podiatrists and crafted by experienced technicians. All orthotics made by the team at Ganley are custom-made and tailored to the patient; you won’t receive an automated, standardised device matched to the cast from a library of pre-designed shapes.

Sophie and Georgina also learnt about how to best incorporate various cast correction measurements into the prescription to get a streamlined orthotic that offloads and supports the patient’s lower limb biomechanics to optimise function. This ensures that our patients will receive the best orthotics to support every day activity.

The Ganley team also taught Sophie and Georgina about the different types of Ankle-Foot-Orthoses (AFO) devices available. AFO’s control instabilities in the ankle and foot by maintaining proper alignment and controlling motion. To be able to prescribe AFO’s, a scan cast is to be taken of the patient’s ankle joint complex. The Ganley team took Sophie and Georgina through best practices and how to best capture adequate information.

Continued professional development is a strong focus at Merivale Podiatry. Increasing our knowledge improves your outcomes. We consistently are searching for new opportunities to upskill in the field of podiatry, to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care.