Look Good Feel Great

I'm sure you will all agree with me that this year is flying by. Although I can't quite believe that Spring is just around the corner, it couldn't come sooner! It’s been a typical unpredictable winter, but with the warmer months on the horizon, it’s the time of year we start to think about bringing out that perfect pair of open toed shoes. If you're anything like me and your feet have been in hibernation for the past few months, now's a great time to receive some cosmetic treatment to remodel your toenails.

Damaged and discoloured nails are not uncommon, I see it all the time and there are a number of reasons as to why these occur; be it from sports trauma, something that runs in the family or a common disease. Yet no matter the reason, there is no doubt that damaged nails can cause self consciousness and a lack of confidence. From what I see in the clinic, I find this especially true when it comes to young teenage girls and women who like to wear open toed shoes. Not only are they after a cosmetic solution so their toenails look good, but damaged toenails can be really uncomfortable. They are often thicker, therefore putting more pressure on the nail in the shoe and can cause a lot of discomfort. 

A cosmetic solution which I highly recommend for nail restoration is KeryFlex. It's a painless in clinic application of a durable and non-porous resin which enables us to remodel toenails affected by fungus, defects and trauma. The purpose of this treatment is to give you an aesthetically pleasing nail without providing further damage, and in some cases it can actually improve the condition of your underlying nail. Unlike fake nails which often catch and can be painful, KeryFlex is flexible, so it bends and moves with your foot's movement, allowing your remaining nail to grow and heal. It provides immediate results, enabling you to walk away from your appointment with natural-looking nails.

So what's involved with the appointment?

We begin with a quick consultation to listen to your concerns and assess the toenail damage. From here a treatment plan is developed, your nail is prepared and then applied with a resin using specialist lightening equipment to bond the solution to your nail. It's a fairly quick procedure which normally only takes about 30 minutes. Once completed, I find women are given the renewed confidence to wear open toed shoes when they walk out our door.

If you're looking for a quick, safe and effective solution to damaged nails, KeryFlex is the one. Not only does it provide immediate natural-looking nails, but it will help boost confidence without providing further damage to the nail. 

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